Reading the Diary Entry of a Serial Rapist

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Serial Rapist Diary Entry
Self Portrait After Rape is a painting by Elvira McDade | Source: Pexels

Journal Entry.

“Left for Warren at 1:00 PM. Got into the area at 2:30 PM and started scouting locations for my night hunt for p****y. After looking at places all over Warren and Niles, finally found a good place on Route 422 in Niles. Followed a girl home aſter opening her passenger door, but she was on to me and ran into her house before I could introduce myself. Had another girl, whose car I got in and unlocked the passenger door. She was a delicious tanned girl with curly black hair and a great body. I was ready to make the move, but there was a guy waiting in a jeep behind me, so I couldn’t get to her. Followed her home, but couldn’t get to her in time.

After a few hours of searching, I finally found a girl at a Super K-Mart. She left her door open and I prepared the car for her return, unlocking the passenger door and finding a parking place where I could surprise her from.

She returned to the car about 10:30, and sat there eating a taco. I started moving towards it, but another woman who was just pulling out thought my movements suspicious and stopped her car. So, I kept walking past the victim’s car and pretended I was running across the parking lot. Came back aſter a few minutes and the woman was gone.

But the victim was still sitting there eating her taco. So I got in the passenger door, pointed the gun at her head and ordered her to drive.

She obeyed and I took her behind the Kmart. I handcuffed her behind her back and forced her into the back seat.

I decided to try the stun gun. I pushed it against her neck and hit the trigger. It did not have the desired effect. I really expected it to incapacitate her. Instead it just shocked her, making her cry. So much for fucking $50 stun gun.

I tied her feet, blindfolded and gagged her. Drove her car back near mine and made a flaw-less transfer, forcing her from her car to my car’s backseat, and drove off, with no witnesses to her abduction. She had been somewhat calm up to that point, but once she realized she was being abducted and not carjacked, she began to panic, her gag muffling her cries. She tried to resist getting into my car for a second, but then did what she was told. She stayed quiet and didn’t move. Drove to a motel and checked in quickly. Again, I got her inside the room with no witnesses. Once inside, I sat her on the bed and I told her to stay calm and she would be okay. I explained what was happening and told her straight out that I was going to rape her. Her long legs were shaking uncontrollably. I rubbed them and tried to calm her down. I took her gag off and asked her some questions about herself. Her name was Betty (This is not her real name. But in the journal he names her and types in bold “18-years old!!!”).

I asked her to strip nude for me, and I stripped while watching her. She took her blouse off, then her bra revealing her body. Her shoes, socks and jeans came off next and then the panties. I handcuffed her behind her back and made her lay down on the bed.

I got in with her and kissed, licked, and played with her body for a while. I made her kiss me and she kissed nicely, with her mouth open and her sweet little tongue darting all over the inside of my mouth. She said she was cold, so I turned the heat on.

It was fun having complete control over an 18-year-old girl, leading her to the bathroom, her being dependent on me to guide her every step because of the blindfold (which was my swimming goggles covered with duck [sic] tape.)

Took a shower with her washing her whole body. Licked her wet body. She sucked real good for a beginner, licking and sucking like a pro.

Handcuffed her in front because she was so submissive and obedient. Took her to bed and made her get on all fours so I could explored her.

I used some strawberry motion-lotion to try to make the taste better for her.

I made her get back on the bed with her head on the pillow, on her back.

Now I know what I missed with the 15-year-old (names a girl in the journal) I wished I had buried my face in that pretty little fifteen-year-old muff!

Put her on her tummy and tied her in different positions.

Crossed her ankles and taped them tight, then tied her feet to her handcuffs. Her sweet little body looked great hog-tied like that. After that I just played with her for awhile [sic]. Squeezed, kissed, and licked the firm, soft 18-year-old. Licked her beautiful long legs and her sweet little feet. Kissed her toes and then worked my way back up her body and kissed her mouth for a while. Laid there for awhile [sic] longer playing with the little 18 year old until 12:15. As I caressed her helpless body, I told her that she had been abducted because she had left her car door unlocked. I also told her that she was lucky I took her and not a guy who enjoyed torturing and killing young girls like her. Let her get dressed and took her back to K-Mart and released her.

Watched from a distance as she ran to her car to make sure she was okay and then I went back to the motel to check out. Hit the road at 1 am and got home at 2 am. Daylight savings time went into effect, so I had to turn the clocks ahead. Got to bed at 4 am.”

Police Report.

“Got off work at Hooters about 10:45 PM. Went to super K-Mart. Was in store for only about 15 minutes. Leſt store and went to my car. Started the engine and was putting on my seat belt when the front passenger door flung open. There was a dark-haired man with a big black gun. He jumped in and told me to look forward and drive and not do anything stupid. He had me drive to the back of the Super K-Mart. He put goggles on me, tied my ankles together, and handcuffed me behind my back. He put me in the back seat of my car and drove around the parking lot. He had me get into his car’s back seat. He covered me with a dark blanket and drove off. We got somewhere close by because it only took a couple of minutes to get there. He gagged me and got out of the car. He was gone for a couple of minutes and came back. He drove for a couple of minutes and parked the car. The car was a four door and had a stick. He unties my legs and ungagged [sic] me. He took me to a motel room. Once inside he had me sit on the bed and he proceeded to tell me that he was going to rape me, nothing more unless I got out of line. He asked me if I was a virgin and if I have ever ‘sucked’. I lied to him and told him I have never performed oral sex. But he told me I was going to do it anyways [sic].

He told me to stand up and strip for him. He told me to take the clothes off. He told me to take off my shoes and socks and then my jeans. Then he told me to shake my bottom when I take off my underwear. I did what he told me to. He started touching me all over telling me what a beautiful little girl I was and if I do every-thing right, I won’t get hurt. He had me lay down on the bed and he touched me all over. He told me to get up off the bed. He took me to the bathroom. He wanted to take a shower with me.

We got in the shower, but he wouldn’t let me get too wet. We went back to the bed. He lay on top of me touching my breast and genitals. He got up. He came back and performed oral on me. He was very caring about if he was hurting me or not.

He tied my legs back together, then tied my legs to my wrists. He mentioned when hog-tying me that he likes to put the little girls that he takes in unique positions. He touched me like that for a minute or two then untied me.

He told me I could stop and then he lay next to me kissing me all over.

He stopped and said he was going to let me go. He told me that I wasn’t to report it because the cops won’t do anything. He helped me get dressed and we left the motel. We went to his car. He put me in the back seat and he drove back to Super K-Mart. There was a cop out front, so he drove around the mall parking lot till [sic] the cop left. He dropped me off behind the Super K. He uncuffed me first then took off the goggles. He told me not to turn around or he’d shoot. He jumped in his car and I took off running. I got in my car and went straight to Hooters and told my manager. He called the Holland Police and I called my mother. My boyfriend took me to the hospital.”

The Suspect.

Thomas SR was a serial rapist who was forty years old and worked as a computer programmer. He reportedly assaulted several women in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, and managed to run by the authorities for several years. What you read was a single instance from his 220-page journal, where he recorded every single crime he had done.

On his last victim abduction, he was unsuccessful as she screamed for help, which alerted a store clerk. He reportedly fled from his automobile, and sooner, state troopers followed him. As they spotted him on Interstate 90 and gave chase, he took out his 0.45 caliber pistol and committed suicide.

Thomas subsequently committed at least five abductions and six sexual assaults, each mentioned in his journal. The police found a rape kit, consisting of duct tape, a knife, handcuffs, rope, and ace bandages from his car. Additionally, he also had a stun gun to torture his victim, a ski mask to hide himself, latex gloves to prevent fingerprints, and a fake police badge and identification card. What we know more about his journal entry is that he always used to stalk his victims in the parking lots and watched the targets who used to leave the door unlocked. Always trying to engage in a personal conversation with his victim, It felt like the offender was on a date, and he wanted his victim to like him. Thomas had failed relationships and may have had sexual dysfunction as he wasn’t able to ejaculate with each of his victims.

With the words he referred to his victims, it felt like he loved the control over his victims, and this time, in the case, he added forced fellatio and the introduction of flavored lotion. He enjoys the fantasies he had in his mind about the victim as he vividly describes what he did and how it felt.


In my opinion, the man was a sexual sadist who incorporated bondage fantasy at the extreme and insulted his victims. He was a psychopathic sexual sadist who justified his behavior by accusing his victims of being careless enough to not lock the car doors. Whether he had a date or not, he could never go beyond his sexual fantasies, torturing and humiliating his victims. At last, we must not forget his signature, which was forced oral practice. What this monstrous man had inside his mind could not be revealed at the fullest.

Note: Most of the sentences in the journal entry and police report have been edited for their explicity. You can refer to the book I have attached in the following section.


Sex-Related Homicide and Death Investigation Practical and Clinical Perspectives, Second Edition by Vernon J. Geberth.



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