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David Parker Ray Torture Room
The Torture Room and Chair of David Parker Ray | Source: Unknown Author / via Bizarrepedia

On 22 March 1999, Cyndy Vigil, who was twenty-two, ran down Bass Road in Elephant Butte, New Mexico, from two monsters who kept her in captivity for three days and did heinous things with her. Describing her tortured events, Agent Wesley Lacuesta, who handled her case, reported,

“She (Cyndy) was restrained to a fixture in the camper, and the suspects stripped her of all her clothing and threatened to shock her if she resisted. Ms Vigil stated that she was then taken to an unknown location where she was restrained by her arms and legs. She said the suspect placed dildos into her vagina and rectum simultaneously. She described receiving shock therapy in which the suspect attached electrical connections to her breasts, which would send electrical shocks through her body.”

In these horrific events, there were more victims, some even dead, but the most horrendous thing about the entire case was the torture room of the American serial rapist, David Ray Parker. Read on to learn about what his bondage room looked like.

Visiting David Ray Parker’s Bondage Room.

As FBI officer Yontz entered the room, which had a ‘Satan Den’ sign on the outside, he saw a tall tripod with an expensive RCA Victor camcorder pointing towards the large black leather table/chair set up with metal stirrups (a pair of metal supports in which a woman’s ankles are placed during gynecological examinations and childbirth, to hold her legs in a position to facilitate childbirth), electrodes and dozens of red plastic straps. Just above this leather table chair, there was an RCA Victor television set, which hung from the ceiling so that the female victims could actually see what David was doing to them.

Cynthia Vigil Newspaper Clipping & David Parker Ray’s Mugshot | Source: Newspapers & KOAT

As the officer moved to the left side of this chamber or room, he saw a coat hanger with a long black robe hanging from it. On the clipboard, hanging next to this robe, Yontz noticed that David had roll call, a list of the victims he had kidnapped between 1993 and 1997. He read the list and tried not to let his emotions get in the way, as this was not easy. Halfway down this left side handwall: there was a large cork bulletin board, which was covered with the color and black and white photographs of the women he tortured. Above this picture gallery, there was a writing,

“The Lure of Satanism,”

which tried to give a fake justification that is the force behind the torture of these poor women.

The pictures showed these women in different stages of bondage. For instance, a young redheaded woman was naked with her hands tied behind her back. She was muffled with a red bandanna and looked straight into the camera. A second picture displayed a woman’s naked breasts hog-tied with constricting white rope at the base and bulging due to obvious pain. There were old-fashioned wooden clothespins attached to each nipple, and her face appeared smothered with terror. Then there was a woman whose thighs were slashed and who was also shackled to a bench press. She had bruises all over her body, particularly the inner thighs.

After these pictures of women, there was a series of drawings, which showed the stages in which David tortured the captive women. In one illustration, a woman clung to a table with her wrists and ankles tied together behind her back, arching her back in pain. Above her body was a sign that read, ‘New Table for Church Rituals.’ The drawing below shows how to hog-tie a woman to the gynecology table. David also drew a woman tied to something he called his doggie frame down on her hands and knees. Lastly, a man beneath the woman inserted two dildos in two openings between her legs as she hung from the ceiling by her ankles and hands. He wore a satanic pentangle around his neck and resembled a much younger version of David.

Bondage Tool board of David | Source: Unknown Author / via Bizarrepedia

After these odious pictures and illustrations, there was a wicked list by David that reads,


A woman will do or say

anything to get loose.

They will:

Kick, Scratch, offer money, bite, yell, beg, scream, run, offer sex, threaten, lie, wait for opportunity.

The Standard excuses and sob stories:

Menstruating, pregnant, V.D, AIDS, Sick, kids with a babysitter, having to work, a sick baby, claustrophobia, missed by husband or friend, bad friend, can’t miss school.

Don’t let her talk to you

if she was worth

taking, she is worth keeping.


She must be subjected to

hypnosis before

the woman can be safely


Never trust a chained captive.”

The wall on the right-hand side of the satan den consisted of tools of his trade: chains, whips, paddles, pulleys, leather belts, saw blades, harnesses, handcuffs, ropes, wires, needles, pins, screw clamps, nipple clamps, breast clamps, breast suction cups, metal bras, sandpaper, metal dildos, wooden dildos, plastic dildos, latex dildos of all sizes, a branding iron, a soldering iron and weighted lead sinkers- there was even an assortment of fishhooks.

Then, there was a large yellow generator on the floor under this wall of sex toys. It had a top handle and had an attachment to the back of a fifteen-inch flesh-colored motorized dildo pointing forward, designed to look exactly like a man’s penis. It even had bulging veins on it. It was so thick that not even a man could hold it with a closed fist. Then, the generator had three switches: Buzzer, Light, and Probe. The entire apparatus was kind of jackhammer.

The space between the walls of the cargo trailer was filled with the large gynecological table/chair rigged to slide back and forth on a six-foot tract. It was wired to a voltage meter, with wires that could be attached to a woman’s breasts and genitalia. There was also a generator that controlled the position of the black leather table-changing the elevation, foot position, back angle, and, if necessary, the tilt of the entire female body tied down by red nylon straps to the D rings that served as wrist and ankles stirrups. Further, there was a large elbow light bolted at the end of the table so that there is enough light to see the woman’s vagina.

Finally, as Yontz walked at the back of the right side, he saw a medicine cabinet that had latex gloves, forceps, rolls of cotton, Spanish K-Y jelly, petroleum jelly, bottles of chloroform, ammonia poppers, and hypodermic syringes. There were white candles mounted on the top of a human skull standing next to a hand-carved wooden dildo. And to the left, there are several female anatomy and witchcraft books. On the top shelf of the cabinet, there were two naked baby dolls, one with a big patch of blond pubic hair and the other with a big patch of black pubic hair. There was a plastic curtain, which had a small dressing area for women, which consisted of nightgowns, shampoos, body lotion, baby powder, baby oil, mouthwash, perfume, and lipstick. And finally, there was another set of drawings, horrible drawings, which were numbered from 1 to 13. One among them, which took the attention of Yontz was like a photograph of Cyndy Vigil. The drawing included a naked woman strapped down by her hips, belly, and chest with a hood over her face. To her nipples, there were rubber-lined clamps attached which were then connected to a machine, with instructions:

1. Operate the motor with the lever in the up position

2. Attach each clamp securely to each nipple

3. Tighten the cord until the breasts are stretched to the maximum length

4. Turn the machine on watch nipples for indications of tearing, and check clamps for slippage.

And finally, the “grand tour” of the bondage room of the monster was over.

Few of the snapshots from the Torture Room of David Parker Ray | Source: Unknown Author / via Bizarrepedia

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