You had a successful landing! This About section might not be the most advantageous page on your browser history, but it ideates the other ones from your future (hopefully one or more from the past too). Obviously, I am speaking of The Criminal Street and its stories, a destination to learn about Serial Killers, their victims, and their trials.

At this point, you may be wondering, Why are you stretching this too much? It's just a Crime Channel like most others on the web. Frankly, I like to boast, and it isn't one of all. How?

It's simple! We feed the information directly from government data and reliable authors. PERIOD.

Once we do that, the reads we curate are structured in the most briefly-ish manner, avoiding you spending longer than needed.

I rest my case! Have a mysterious and gripping time ahead. I await your suggestions and following.

In the meantime you can also check our shorts content on YouTube.

For any questions, reach us out at at the rate gmail . com

The Criminal Street

An online repository to briefly read about serial killers, their crimes & their trials. Every story is resource-backed, ones that you may check out at the end.